The Blessings of a Long Life Dad

Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers …

1 Corinthians 4:15


This morning I sat in a local cafe, eating breakfast with my son, who has just finished high school. We talked of future college plans, the challenges of his first job and pancake choices. Over his shoulder, in a private room, was a group of elderly veterans chatting loudly, laughing at familiar jokes.

There was an American flag in the middle of two round tables that had been pulled together.  Most of the men wore black baseball hats with military insignias. The youngest was a man in his late 50’s, I suppose. He seemed like the guardian/leader of the group, interrupting the chatter only once to read some minutes of last month’s meeting. What else he said, I do not know.

Watching them, I was reminded that long life is a real blessing. I hope their families cherish them and not take them for granted.

This afternoon, I attended a funeral for a very good man in our church. He died at 51, leaving behind a wife and two teenagers the same age as my own. Cancer came early to his body and robbed him of his old man years. His wife is strong and brave, and their two teens are sturdy, steadfast. They will miss their dad and husband.

Long life is not a guarantee. As we walk into another Father’s Day weekend, let’s be thankful for aging fathers. Let’s remember to call them and linger in unhurried conversations. The Scriptures tell us that old men dream dreams. Let’s listen to them as a gift.

Sitting in the cafe this morning and in a funeral this afternoon reminds me of the important role of honorable dads in our lives. Every minute is a treasure and every moment is an inheritance. God bless dads!



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  1. Great message! As you know, my dad was murdered in the line-of-duty when I was nine years old. I was fortunate that God would lead me to focus on every precious memory I was blessed to have of my dad. Not only did this allow me to treasure these memories for the rest of my life, it helped me not to hate the men that took his life as I was too focused on the memories of my dad to spend time thinking of the evil act of the murders. I may have only had my dad for nine years, yet God had allowed Dad to give me a lifetime of memories!
    God bless!

  2. Thanks, very good reflection

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