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Recently, a well known Christian author announced that he no longer attends church because he claims he does not connect with God through songs and rarely learns from listening to a lecture. If that was all the church was about, I suppose many would follow his example and abandon the weekly gathering.

However, church is more than a one hour production highlighted by song and sermon. Church is a perpetual gathering of people who, together, are becoming the people of God and while hymns and homilies are still very important to me and others, church involves a huge scope of Divine activity.

  1. We help prepare couples for marriage.
  2. We meet with married couples who are struggling to stay married.
  3. We perform official duties at weddings.
  4. We help families plan the funerals for their loved ones.
  5. We speak and lead at funeral services.
  6. We equip leaders to go plant churches around the globe.
  7. We send teams to help missionaries around the globe, especially in times of crisis.
  8. We help take care of the poor in our city, especially the widows and orphans.
  9. We baptize and disciple new believers.
  10. We celebrate the Eucharist together.
  11. We pray for the sick and visit them at their homes and in the hospital.
  12. We prepare meals and help those who are going through a crisis.
  13. We help people who are struggling financially.
  14. We gather and pray for each other.
  15. We support families who have adopted children.

“We” is a synonym for the entire church body in the above list. While a handful of these activities are overseen by the clergy, most are not. I suppose some of these could be done alone or with a few close friends, but after two decades of following Jesus, I am still convinced that we are best when we gather often as a big messy family to serve Christ and others together.

This past Sunday, I counseled a young unmarried couple who want to follow Jesus, but are living together. I prayed with a single mom who has a struggling teenager, hugged a young widow who is still grieving the sudden loss of her military husband, encouraged a family who is returning to the local church after 20 years away, answered questions from a sad lady who was upset about a church decision and prayed for an elderly couple who are moving to retirement in another state.

I did not choose all of them for my community and they did not all choose me. Church is not just hanging out with our friends or the people we choose. We need people we have not yet met and people we have not met need us. Church chooses us.

Sure, it would be easier to isolate myself among a tribe of homogenous people, but church does not give us that luxury. Church gives us the privilege of loving people unlike ourselves.



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  1. We dedicate little children to Jesus.

    We walk with moms and dads as they navigate the joys and difficulties of raising children.

    We rejoice with our brothers and sisters when they rejoice and we weep with them when they weep.

    When God fulfills his promise to set the lonely in families, we get to be that family.

    We get to be a respite–a safe place–for little children who live in chaos and fear.

    We get to grow old together.

  2. This list reminded me of a historic list of what were called Sacraments. Penance–giving people space to confess sin and receive absolution, full forgiveness of God’s Love through the Church seems to be missing. Also, Confirmation–perhaps a more consistently intentional means of teaching the next generation things like, well, this list.

    This list also made me think of the next generation and perhaps how they might be well involved. In this context and that of Don Miller’s, here is one blog that asks, “Where Is the Millennial Generation in the Decline of the Church?”

    As John Armstrong asks, what would a “give your life away” church look like?

  3. Pastor Brady,
    What you have spoken about in the last couple of months, Church in the city sermons are spot on! Praise the Lord for a pastor/servant like you. Keep up the hard work and keep listening to the heart of our great and wonderful God.

  4. We encourage individual relationships between younger and older men and younger and older women for discipleship.
    We comfort those who grieve a loss.
    We encourage connections to other local ministries.

  5. The most important one of all… We lead the lost tto the truth of Jesus and salvation, changing their eternal destination!

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