The Praying Church

Most churches pray, but not all are praying churches. Most churches pause during their gatherings to pray, sometimes out of ritual, but certainly out of sincerity. But, how does a church make the leap to become a praying church, where prayer is the engine and fuel behind every spiritual advancement?

1. Prayer is modeled

Prayer is caught more than taught. Praying pastors model a prayerful life and those that are influenced by them tend to lead a prayerful life of their own. We just started 21 days of prayer and fasting with prayer meetings happening 24 hours a day. I am leading many of these meetings because I really do believe it is powerful when two or more gather to pray in unity.

2. Prayer is first

In a praying church, the first response to any difficult situation is to pray. When there is still no solution, the answer is to pray again. Repeat as needed.

3. Prayer is proactive

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he told them to first ask for God’s Kingdom to come to the earth. Later in the prayer, he told them to ask for daily bread. It is true that the most attended prayer services are normally after a national or local crisis and that is certainly warranted. However, we should be proactive in our prayers, asking now for the Kingdom to come.

4. Prayer is the assignment

In Eugene Peterson’s classic book, Working the Angles, he writes that many church members make it difficult for pastors to spend unhurried time in prayer.  It is easier to point to new buildings, compelling sermons and increased attendance as signs of their success. Instead, a praying church sees prayer as a primary assignment of their leaders.

5. Prayer is worship and worship is prayer

A praying church prays with a singing voice. Their songs are anthems, prophetic declarations and pronouncements of faith. We sing as we pray and we pray as we sing. A praying church believes in the power of words spoken and words sung. They believe God hears all of it and responds to all of us.

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  1. Michele Cernigliaro

    January 9, 2013 at 7:33 am


    I am proud to have spent 3 years attending New Life, and while God has called me on to other places I still consider myself a New Lifer…

    The Lord has greatly placed prayer on my heart, ever since I was at NLC and the whole year I spent in the desert (literally). It is why He called me to Sumter, SC… To pray and to bring prayer… I have no clue how he intends me to go about doing all that He has shown me, but I trust that He will provide. If He has called me that He will equip me with all I need to accomplish the assignment He has given me…

    This message has resonated with my spirit, because I know that God is calling for His people to be a praying people, and to see that He is speaking to you and NLC is just confirmation of that…

    May the Lord keep you and continue to use you mightily and bless you with abundant favor!


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