Every Story Matters

What is your story? What has God done in your life lately? Would your story be encouraging to someone else if they heard about it? Would your story build someone’s faith and give them the courage to keep praying? Most likely.

A couple of Sundays ago, a man named Dale told his story to our entire church. He had been homeless and alone until he met a New Lifer while walking downtown one Saturday afternoon. They became friends and fast forward a few weeks, Dale accepts Christ, finds a place to stay, and makes New Life his new church family. He lost wife about a year ago, but she diligently prayed for Dale to follow Christ, even as she lay on her death bed.

Sitting in the crowd that Sunday was a young Air Force airman whose wife was praying for him to make the same decision. At the end of the talk, he came down to the front and prayed with one our team. After the gathering, he found me outside and told me when heard Dale’s story, he knew he needed to change his life. It was a story, not a well crafted sermon, that made the difference.

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, we seem to talk about ourselves too much already, but I do believe an inspiring and authentic story can still change people. When God does something in our lives, we should tell others when we get the opportunity.

At New Life, we are working harder at telling all the amazing stories we hear each week. So don’t be surprised if someone holds a camera in front of you because we all need to hear it. Stories really do matter and your story can change lives.

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  1. Pastor Brady,

    You always provide such great insight in your blogs (I read every one), but this one struck a strong sense of “YES” in me. There is power in a story that reflects Jesus. There’s no denying it. And in this age, when we have the capability of sharing to the masses through Twitter and Facebook, it’s time for a shift in thinking.

    Sharing the interesting bits about our days is fun, and I love getting to learn about people’s interests and such in 140 characters or less; but how often do we overlook the relevance and potential, life-changing purpose of sharing the day-to-day miracles that God pours into our lives?

    My husband, Anthony, is a huge advocate for sharing the stories of people. It’s a heartbeat of his. I love that New Life is committing to story-sharing to a greater degree. We connect through story. We relate through story. And, most importantly, God works through story!

    Amen to your challenge!

  2. Pastor,

    If you put the camera in front of me, I hope the battery doesn’t die before I finish talking! I could literally write a book about the times that God has worked in my life and led me (including the time I found a certain membership card in Sams Club, right?).

    It all started on October 12, 1976 (the first time I really said “yes” to God’s leading) and ended up here — at least for now — and even the story about how we got here is incredible and shows how much God loves us. And it all came about because another New Lifer quit his job, making it available for me (it also ended well for him). So PLEASE listen to God!.

    Praising God for Carl and for that airman who didn’t just listen, but responded. If God leads, follow. You never know where you’ll end up, but as Michael Card put, there most definitely will be “joy in the journey”.

    Best regards,

  3. I love stories and they still change lives. Sometimes I don´t want to hear them if they might challenge my life or my past. But I agree 100% that these stories are wonderful and need to be told.

  4. Hello Pastor…..Every time I tell my story and how God has delivered me, it testifies of JESUS: HIS POWER, HIS MERCY,AND RESURRECTION LIFE. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, our testimony, and should not love our lives even unto death. We overcome by telling our story which testifies of YESHUA, MIGHTY TO SAVE.
    With my mouth I will always declare the WORKS OF MY GOD.

  5. As we will soon see, the stories are abundant here at NLC. I am not camera shy when it is all about giving glory to God. Every miracle should point to Jesus, not to us, so don’t be shy. If you don’t think you have a story, think again! Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit is working among us.

  6. I love your blog! =)

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