Late on a Sunday night ten years ago, the phone rang at our home in Hereford, TX. It was the phone call Pam and I had been waiting to get for a month. Our little girl was about to be born at a hospital 45 minutes away in Amarillo.

Abram had just turned two and was asleep when the excitement erupted. We bundled our little guy up and called my brother who lived in Amarillo at the time to see if he could watch Abram while we went to the hospital.

At the hospital, Callie’s young birth mom was already in labor. Pam went into the room while I stayed outside in the hallway with the mom’s two young friends. Not long afterwards, I heard the sweet sounds of a baby crying and I knew my little girl had arrived. The biggest question Pam and I had was also answered. She did have red hair. For years, Pam and I had prayed for a little girl with red curly hair and blue eyes. That is exactly what God gave us on that November night.

Two days later, we had a ceremony in the hospital where the birth mom gave us Callie. Pastor Garvin McCarrell spoke and prayed for both families inside the small hospital chapel. As we were leaving, the birth mom looked at me and said something that I will never forget. She said, “I hope Callie is always a daddy’s girl.”

Her wish has come true. Callie is definitely a daddy’s girl who loves to play sports, ride horses and wear baseball hats. She is the tallest girl in her class and is already wearing the same size shoe as Pam.

Adoption is a joy that is difficult to describe and I hope more and more Christ followers say yes to the call. If you want more information about adopting a child from the foster system in your state, go to

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