Phil, Family and Covenant

Life is better when there is someone to celebrate all the victories with you. Phil Mickelson just won his third Master’s golf tournament and I have seen all three. The first one was great because it was his first and it got the proverbial monkey off his back as “the best golfer to never win the big one.” However, the third one made me teary and I am not a man who cries very often. I realized that life is better when the people we love are there to celebrate with us.

Phil’s wife, Amy, almost did not see this victory. She is battling breast cancer and the announcers said she traveled to Augusta, Georgia and the tournament under great distress to watch her husband compete. At the 18th green, she stood with family and her two daughters and watched Phil drain a birdie putt to win his third green jacket. As he embraced her, I realized just how fragile life can be and how wonderful it is to share the highs and lows with people who really love you.

I am a sports fan but I am a bigger fan of family. I love the unbreakable bond of marriage that can withstand anything if we stay committed to God and to one another. Thanks Phil and Amy for reminding all of us today that nothing can separate us from our love for one another and nothing can separate us from the covenant love of God.

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  1. It was very touching to see Phil embrace his caddy, who he described as the best friend anyone could have, and then to have his wife able to be there and waiting for him to share in the moment after a long season of personal difficulty. A great ending to a great tournament.

  2. I am not a sports enthusiast, but it just thrills me to see anyone living out covenant love. Three and 1/2 years ago when things broke at NLC and I felt the call to intercessor….I heard loud and clear that “I am a Covenant Keeping God and I love this church.” It has been a joy to see A Covenant Keeping God reveal His love and His plan as we submit to His leadership. We cannot give to others what we have not received from HIm. We are faithless….He is faithful…and any faith that we have to even move close to Him and to believe in His goodness and the mercy of His Covenant Love originated and came from Him…pretty humbling….So I celebrate God, even in the midst of a Masters Victory….but locally as it just thrills me to see Jesus as the Head of our church…and just so desiring to be The King of This City where He will reign on behalf of justice and righteousness. Thanks for a great message….and I too have heard very clearly about a 3 year period at NLC that you alluded to on Sunday. With much gratitude to Our Lord….and those He has placed to shepherd us….blessings…and increased revelation to all of us that we would know what our King is Up to….I think He has not fully revealed what is in His Left Hand….but it is gonna be good….real good…and the healing waters will flow through our hearts and the streets of Colorado Springs!!! kathy walton

  3. I thought it was interesting how much attention Phil gave to his wife and yet Tiger didn’t say a word about Elin Woods all weekend.

  4. It was refreshing to see this in the press after so much of the Masters’ Media going to Tiger’s scandal.

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