We exist to love people

Note to reader: This is part 1 of a 4-part blog series describing the core values of New Life Church. Next week: Part 2- We exist to equip believers


New Life Church exists to love people. God sent his Son because he loved the people of the world and Jesus said in John 13:35 that our love for one another would be proof to the world that we are his disciples.


Love is what we want most. That’s why our songs, our art, our movies and our books talk about love more than any other topic. We want to be loved and we want to show love. Love covers all wrongs, love is patient, love is gentle and love is kind. When love is present, anger is squelched, strivings cease and hurt feelings are mended.


What does that really mean and how are we supposed to carry out this mandate in a world seemingly void of love and filled with anger, evil and trouble?


As a church, we will show love at every opportunity. We will meet any real need that we are able to meet and we will give our resources to those in the greatest pain. Widows, orphans, the poor, the lost, the hurting, the lonely, the disenfranchised and the despised will always be our primary focus. 


No one loves people they do not pray for often. Love has to begin from the inside out. We will ask God to give us sincere love for people and then we will look for opportunities to practically demonstrate this love. Our words will be kind, our motives will be pure and our actions will be sincere.


To be clear, love does not mean we have to compromise our core convictions. We can hold fast to the truth we know but still show love to those who disagree with us. Love means we will listen to differing opinions and respect those with different worldviews or political affiliations. This means we will love and pray for presidents, congressmen and governors we did not vote for on election day.


Love means we will not insult those who have insulted us and we will choose kindness over vindication or revenge. Love means we will assume the best about people and not engage in gossip or slander.


Only love will motivate us to serve and sacrifice for the long term. Love will direct our decisions and determine our mission. In the end, our sincere love for others will give us the opportunity to point people to Christ, the only source of any authentic love.

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  1. Hi Pastor Brady,

    Thankyou for your leadership, flexibility, vulnerability, and vision in these days. I wanted to add a comment, something I believe we should be pondering as a world wide church in the days ahead.
    His throne is established on justice, and righteousness. We are told to seek ye first the Kingdom and His righteousness….I just can’t shake off this word “righteousness.” In loving others, this is so paramount. I believe Jesus wants the church to be showcased in these incredible days we live in and the opportunities to minister in love are going to be more and more frequent. But we must be clothed in His righteousness. II believe He longs for His church to be separate, holy, above reproach.. In Ps. 45 we are told He rides on the clouds on behalf of truth, humility, and justice….His love for us, compels Him to do this….His strong right arm will truly establish this for His kingdom reign. We will be along for the ride….His army following as He establishes these things, and judges the nations. May we understand the incredible high cost to establish this on the earth…..May we love out of a pursuit of righteousness and justice……blessings and joy…kathy walton

  2. Hi Pastor, After posting, I felt lead by the Lord to this passage…
    “‘I have commanded My sanctified ones; I have also called My mighty ones for My anger–
    Those who rejoice in My exaltation’

    The noise of a multitude in the mountains,
    Like that of many people!
    A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together!
    The Lord of hosts musters The army for battle.
    They come from a far country, From the end of heaven–
    The Lord and His weapons of indignation,
    To destroy the whole land.
    Wail for the day of the Lord is at hand! Is 13:3-6

    May we be a people set apart, and sanctified for the days ahead….blessings…kathy walton

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