Doing the Right Thing

I have two principles that guide my decisions as father, a husband and a pastor. I learned these two principles from my parents and from many of the mentors I have in my life.


Principle One: Do the right thing, for the right reason, even at my own hurt.


Principle Two: Say what you mean and mean what you say.


These two principles were put to the test this past week as I navigated the media frenzy surrounding the new allegations involving our church. I have told several close friends this week that it is really hurtful to be criticized so strongly for simply doing the right thing. I actually believe it is easier to accept criticism after doing something wrong. If that was the case, I would stand before my family, my church and the media and simply accept the responsibility and the consequences. But when no wrong act has been committed, it hurts to be misunderstood or questioned.


Integrity is something I cherish and protect. It is easily lost and difficult to regain. When my integrity is questioned, I try not to be defensive but I also want truth. In the end, I know God sees my heart and ultimately He is my judge. I trust my reputation into His hands and believe that He will ultimately defend me.


I find it is easier for people to trust again if my words are honest and direct. I try to not speak in codes or double speak. Straightforward communication with sincerity and honesty will normally cut through the fog of misinformation and allow people to make the right judgments. 


These two principles are big leadership ideas that I hope are adopted by everyone in a position of influence or authority. It is a sacred responsibility to lead people and I consider it an honor to be called pastor.

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  1. Amen, and amen.

    Brady, I never heard of you before New Life Church was forced to seek a new pastor. I’m so thankful that the Lord, and our search committee, brought you to us.

    The times will be trying, but He is faithful.

  2. Dear Pastor Brady,

    I just want to reassure you that so many hearts are with you during this time. Multitudes of people know that any decisions needing to be made, were made prayerfully. I am sure that only you and those involved have any idea how much prayer and thought went into the many multi-faceted decisions that had to be faced. It was a burden that few of us could even begin to fathom.

    Countless times, you have shown your integrity, widsom and honesty as a pastor, a father, a husband, and as a friend to many. You have done the right things for the right reasons. We know your heart, as God does. You have been a Godly example, leading us in such a way that New Life Church has been given just that, a healthy new life. Thank you so much. I am sure that I speak for many in saying that we are so fortunate and proud to call you our pastor. You are doing a wonderful job and we love you. Standing with you–

    Jolene H.

  3. Keep on Keeping on. You are doing great. It is easy to be a back seat quarterback and say that you should have done this or done that with out all of the information. You have the first hand knowledge and we should trust your judgement( I do). Thanks for standing “in the gap.”

  4. Dear Pastor Brady, I so enjoyed your message last week on doing the right thing. Also really enjoyed your message yesterday about temptation and delivery. Your words on the storm and rain really touched my heart, and I have some words I want to share with you. These words came to me a few days after I was terminated from my job, and have been an inspiration to me many times since. I instantly thought of these words when you was talking yesterday.
    “Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.”

    Blessings, Lavone Cowen

  5. Ronald Winesette

    February 4, 2009 at 1:10 am

    Pastor Boyd,

    I commend you on the way you are handling this situation. May God give you guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Of any principle you hold dearest, I hope it is the Word of God. I believe God’s Word is the right thing at the right time under any circumstance. Let the words that come out of you mouth be what God would say and what He would mean. Please do not allow the world to conflict your judgment or thinking. How can the world understand the things of God if they don’t have a personal relationship with Him? Who cares what they think. Keep your focus on Jesus (Matthew 6:33). I will be praying for you, the church, Ted Haggard and his family. Thank God for His mercy and unquestionable love. He forgives and forgets. I hope we are just as accommodating.

    Ron W.

  6. zachery GRIFFITH

    April 5, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    Do you know that Speaking in tongues is a great tool for your personal prayer life it is perfect prayer ( the only thing I can do perfectly) (Rom 8:26-28), and it builds us up Spiritually. What a great Gift God made available on the day of Pentecost by His son’s great accomplishments.

    God Bless You Abundantly,


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