A Quest to Save Childhood

I do not believe there is a loving parent out there who does not want their children to have good things in life.  As much as we want that for them, lavishing them with too many of those good things can be compared to letting them gorge on sweetsdamaging their health, hindering their appetite for wholesome things, and leading to a hunger for risky, harmful ones.

As loving parents, we must set healthy limits in all areas of our children’s lives by creating appropriate stages and boundaries. 

For example:

·      Put age limits on behaviors that rush our children out of childhood, like

1.             wearing makeup

2.             having a cell phone

3.             having a Facebook page

4.             playing certain video games

5.             watching certain TV programs or movies

6.             dating

7.             getting a job

I do not know what those ages are for your children, but my husband and I have an idea what those ages are for our children.  You know your children best and as you train them up, you know what they can handle or not handle at that particular stage in their life; however, we simply cannot push them into those stages too early in their life. When we delay these activities until an appropriate age, we get to ‘celebrate’ them as rites of passage toward a healthy adulthood.

We give our children something to look forward to when we are intentional about setting up these stages and boundaries. We teach them that it’s OK to wait for something. The world is shouting at them, “You can have it all now. You don’t need to wait! Go for it!” As parents though, we know that instant gratification often leads to long-term problems like massive debt, destroyed relationships and wounded emotions.

Our children are a blessing from God. Let’s give them our time; lots of time, and let’s steward that time into helping them make good, long-term, healthy choices now. Maturity is a process and is not something that happens automatically when they turn 18.


* Some excerpts taken from Focus on the Family website.

One Response to “A Quest to Save Childhood”

  • April Wells says:

    It drives me NUTS that people say “oh, they are 18 their an adult”. NO they are not. Most kids at 18 need guidance more than ever before in their lives. Their decisions are far more important and carry much graver consequences. Don’t kick your kid to the curb at 18 and expect them to make correct adult decisions. Unless they are exceptionally mature: It won’t happen. We had boundries in place as long as our children lived under our roof AND as long sa we were footing the bill. (car,school,etc). We knew they needed a covering for decision making: even at college. Be a parent. not a friend…. Great Word Pam!

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