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Stop the Whining and Start Praying

So, this past spring I started working out really hard to get my 42 year old body back in shape and healthier.  I try to fit cardio and weight training in my schedule at least 5 times a week. It’s so easy to put on my walking shoes and enjoy the beauty of His creation. When I walk alone, I take time to have a conversation with God and I thank him for all of the blessings in my life lately. After all, this is just not a physical walk, it’s a spiritual walk.  Many times, He’ll put a song on my heart and I’ll sing it to Him.  These are very precious moments with my Savior that I just get lost with Him. 

Now I can’t say that all of my walks are like that.  On some walks I cry out to him for unanswered prayers.  One day I was feeling really frustrated and impatient with something going on in my life that just hadn’t happened yet.  I was waiting for Him to take care of it, but it was taking too long; therefore, came my weariness and doubt.  I began to tell Him my reasons and thoughts as to why this issue needed to be solved already.  I gave Him an earful that day!

It’s during times like this that He always reminds me of Psalm 37:7, “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” (NAS) and then I like the way the Message Bible states it so emphatically: “Quiet down before God, be prayerful before Him.”  In order words, quit your fussing and whining and get to praying!

Now walking with my tail tucked between my legs, I humbly obey His word, get quiet, pray and….wait.  After all of my worrying and frustration, I realize that this situation is totally out of my control.  There is absolutely nothing that I can do to get the ball rolling.  I must trust and obey that God will take care of it all in His timing.  I suspect many more lessons will be learned along the way. *grin*

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