The Night I Attended Church Again

Most pastors I know do not attend church. I just started back, myself. We are almost always in church on the weekends but we are there primarily to minister to others, which leaves little room for receiving ministry ourselves. Thus, it’s possible for a pastor to be caught up in perpetual church activities and still be spiritually dry or even burned out.

Last night, I attended church. I went to our Sunday night prayer meeting with my two kids and sat on the back row. Yes, I was that person. I never went on the stage, did not ask the pastor who was leading any questions and even took notes from his message. It was great to attend church again.

I had plenty of good excuses not to go. I had preached twice that morning, prayed for people before and after both gatherings, and greeted new guests for almost an hour after the last service. I was tired and the Olympics were on TV. No one would have been upset if I had stayed home. I am grateful I did not.

All of us need the fellowship of believers, even pastors. Especially pastors. When was the last time you attended church? If it has been awhile, let me invite you to come back, to sit, and to receive, like everyone else.

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  1. Awesome.

    What’s incredibly awesome is when pastors visit each other’s churches, across denominational and other historically isolated islands of Christian faith’s expression.

    I’ve seen it happen a few times, but it seems rare and for reasons I don’t fully understand.

    If you think it’s hard inviting a neighbor to church, try inviting a pastor to somebody else’s church. (Paradoxically, you’ll hear pretty much the same reasons for not wanting to go…)

    Pulpit sharing and communion are matters much more sticky, but everybody can attend.

    And pray.


    Let me invite you too, to come, to sit [or stand in the case of the Orthodox liturgy], and to receive, like everyone else.

    All of us need the fellowship of believers, even pastors. Especially pastors. When was the last time you too attended church?

  2. Great word! I get so busy doing ministry…I can feel myself getting wrapped up in the “business” of church. Thank u for ur posts…don’t how many people read this one…but I did and left encouraged.

  3. katherine walton

    July 30, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Hello Pastor Brady, I want to tell you what a blessing it was to be at the Prayer service last night. I walked into a place where under the leadership of the church, an atmosphere had been cultivated and prepared for the Presence of the LORD. Maybe with the loss of Dean it has been something magnified in my heart…..spiritual covering that Dean provided. But even in this new season, I realized afresh last night how much I have missed corporate prayer meetings on a regular basis. Thankyou to all of you who are making this happen. Our LORD is so pleased that we would gather simply to minister to HIM, and to oneanother…..In HIS PRESENCE is fullness of joy…..The Bread of His Presence, where we are sustained and satisfied!

  4. Wow. This reminds me a ton of Pastor Brandons story of the starving baker. If the baker works so hard on giving other people food and does not eat himself, how will he continue to feed people?

    This is definitly a lesson for every church leader (or student leader)

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