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We sing a lot of songs at New Life, but the songs I like best are the ones we sing to God about God. In other words, songs that tell God just how great He is, how worthy He is, and how powerful He is. There are certainly other types of songs that are valuable for us as a fellowship.

There are songs we sing to God about His love for us. Those are nice.

There are songs we sing to God about our love for Him. Those are great, too.

There are songs we sing that celebrate what God has done or may do among us. I like them just fine.

There are prayerful songs, where we are asking God for miracles like healing and salvation. This type is my second favorite.

But there is no substitute for singing to God, about Him. It is the purest form of worship we can give God.

On our upcoming New Life worship project, we have several songs that fit into each of the above categories, but one of my favorites is Great I Am. Take a listen by clicking the link below and give me your thoughts.

Great I Am by Jared Anderson and New Life Worship

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  1. I like the old hyms too. Many of them are clear expresseions of truth and hope in our Lord. I wish we sang them more often.

  2. The Great I Am
    Truly a great song. It glorifies God as we sing to Him by His own given name. I find myself thinking of and singing this song out loud for days at a time. It’s one of those songs you cannot get of your mind because it really does emulate Him. When we sing it as a congrgation, I watch people raising their hands in surrender and lifting hands to pronounce the Great I Am. It is not only uplifting to Him, I am sure, but uplifting to us as well !

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