Dream Center Update

There is a lot of excitement at New Life about the Dream Center and that leads to a lot of questions. I will try to answer the most common ones today and will try to keep everyone updated as things progress.

Right now, we are praying for a building or buildings in the downtown area or south of the city, near Fort Carson. These are the two areas where the needs are most intense. We need the buildings to be donated and we need space for medical clinics, counseling and residential treatment. We have looked at several buildings and have had preliminary discussions with some key groups about getting donated space.

We have also spent a lot of time meeting with community leaders and the chaplains at the local military bases to evaluate what needs are not being met right now in our city. We do not want to replicate services. We want to support the ministries and agencies that are doing a great job, while providing services that are most needed.

Once the buildings are acquired, we will need hundreds of volunteers and the partnership of other local churches and ministries to operate the Dream Center. We suspect the operating costs to be as much as $100,000 per month, but it could be much less if we open the center in phases.

Keep praying with me and get ready to help pastor our city. The needs are great but our God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine

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  1. Pastor Brady Boyd, I just listened to your sermon (again) on the web and it really touched my heart. I recently fell off a horse, ended up with a concussion and a sprange ankle. It has been a week on crutches and a broken heart. My emotions are all wacked but at the end of your sermon you said: God doesn’t make mistakes. I have been really feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually broken. I couldn’t stop crying (at church) because those words made so much sense. “He doesn’t make junk.” I wasn’t able to go down to the alter because of my crutches, but please pray for a quick physicall, emotional and most of all a spiritual recovery. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Just got the new Hillsong album entitled “A Beautiful Exchange” and thought of the dream center as I listened to the title track…”You were near, though I was distant. Disillusioned, I was lost and insecure. Still Mercy fought for my attention. you were waiting at the door. Then I let you in. v2 Trading your Life for my offenses, for my redemption, you carried all the blame. Breaking the curse of our condition, Perfection took our place. Chorus – When only Love could make a way, You gave Your life in a Beautiful Exchange. When only Love could break these chains, You gave Your life in a beautiful exchange. V3 My burden erased, my life forgiven. There is nothing that can take this love away, and my only desire and sole ambition, is to Love you just the same. Bridge – Holy are you, God. Holy is your name. With everything I’ve got, my heart will sing, how I love you.”

    Praise God for all that He has forgiven us of and Praise Him for the opportunity to share that very grace and love with others! We’re continuing to pray and can’t wait to see what God does!

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