20 Years of Memories with Pam

Pam and I will celebrate 20 years of marital bliss on August 12th. I have been thinking about the first 20 years and all the memories we have created together.  There are literally thousands of memories I could share, but these four come to mind today.


1.       Sick on our honeymoon

I had just started my first real job at KWKH radio in Shreveport, La.  and my boss only gave me a few days for a honeymoon, so we went to Jackson, Mississippi and spent a few days on the river. On the second day, I came down with an ear infection and fever.  The stress of marriage was already taking its toll. When we got back to Shreveport, I told my boss I needed to stay home. Of course, he did not believe me because he thought I just wanted another day of honeymoon.


2.       The bold move out west

After five years of living in Shreveport, I was given an opportunity to work for NFL Broadcasting and help run two struggling radio stations in Amarillo, Texas.   I remember not being able to even find Amarillo on the Texas map because the top portion of the state was on the next page of the atlas.  It seemed like we were moving to the end of the earth, but Pam and I really felt God was leading us to the unknown. Turns out, it was one of the best moves of our marriage. We knew no one and had to really stick close as friends, and while there, we adopted both our children and were introduced to Trinity Fellowship, the healthiest church we had ever attended, led by Jimmy Evans and Tom Lane. Both men are still close friends to this day.


3.       The miracle of Abram and Callie

Pam and I prayed for children for ten years and then two miracles happened in 25 months. In 1998, a single mom asked us if we would adopt her baby. She was due in three months. The whirlwind that followed was amazing. Pam and I were actually in the operating room when Abram was born and the doctor handed him to me first after the c-section.  Two years later, another single mom asked us if we would adopt her baby. She was due in three weeks. Again, Pam and I were at the hospital when Callie was born. We experienced two unique miracles that changed us forever.


4.       The call to New Life

We had proven to God that we were willing to make bold moves to new places, but the move to Colorado Springs and New Life Church was the greatest test to date. We were really comfortable in the DFW Metroplex and were serving at a great church with lots of close friends. Then, we received a call that changed the course of our life. We had been chosen to lead New Life. Two years later, our marriage is stronger than ever and while the challenges have been the most intense we have ever faced, I am grateful that I walked the difficult path with my best friend, Pam.

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  1. Mary Jo Pierce

    August 3, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    I am reading between the lines and see chapters and books and stories yet to tell! What a great God-couple you are. I was always impressed by Pastor Brady’s visible and vocal admiraton and love for Pam. Cheering her on … believing first in the great things God has deposted in her! And Pam, a deep river, forever smile and quiet confidence that she is loved and valued by God and her hubby! What fun it is to see you two running your race ~ shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-hand and having the time of your life! Congratulatons for reach the first 20! Love, Mary Jo

  2. Congratulations to you and Pam! You are both a great example to this congregation of shooting straight with the challenges of marriage yet not just settleling but stretching toward a Christlike standard We might not say alot to you both, mainly because there is always a crowd around, but we are sooo THANKFUL to the LORD for the solid, practical pastors and people that you are. Congratulation on 20 years and all the great marriage events that you have promoted at New Life. At New Life Church, for your marriage and your family we believe IN CHRIST THAT THE BEST IS YET TO BE!!!

  3. The weather and teh outdoor activit

    August 5, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    First let me say, tell your lovely wife happy birthday! I used to live in Colorado (Fort Collins) and I miss being there so much! The weather and activities ….hiking, biking, the smell of fresh air…..green greass……..I am so jealous but it osunds like you guys are enjoying it. I was at the Gateway service on Sunday morning and really enjoyed your message. Odly my ex-husband and his wife and son attend too and my youngest daughter Taylor was there but sat with her dad, the service was such a blessing and touched us all! Thank you so much and thanks to God for sending you!

  4. brady …

    walking back from mcdonalds (hot fudge sundaes 🙂 this evening, brenda and i heard this …

    what do you think of a new life ministry that focuses on training every member of the congregation as if they were a missionary being sent to a foreign country? (and each members’ “foreign country” would be their own neighborhood.)

    equip each family with all the skills that a foreign missionary family would be trained in before being deployed to a foreign country … evangelism, discipleship, ground-breaking, winning over the locals for relationship evangelism, respect for the culture, communication skills, identifying “nationals,” etc., etc.

    with 8,000 members, i’m guessing somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 colorado springs neighborhoods with NLC missionaries planted as franchisees of the King?

    imagine what God could do with thousands of superbly trained and thoroughly prayed-up local missionaries here in town …

    we’re in, if you sense it’s worthy of exploration …

    blessings 🙂

    – mike and brenda

  5. hi brady …

    i understand you’ll be inviting elevate signups this sunday morning for the Queen Palmer team for next Saturday (brenda and I are team leaders.)

    question: any chance you could invite new lifers to INVITE THEIR UNBELIEVING NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBORS TO JOIN THEM FOR THE MORNING?

    we’re trying desperately to turn this into a Kingdom-impacting day rather than a mere non-Kingdom good deed day, and our hope is that having unbelievers present (working side-by-side with believers) will increase the opportunity for Kingdom expansion.

    we’ll also follow up the workday morning with time for fellowship afterwards at dairy queen or similar, so additional opportunities for relationship-building with unbelievers should surface there, as well.

    thanks 🙂

    blessings !!

    – mike & brenda

  6. I love this! Thanks for sharing! And congrats 🙂

  7. Some of the most amazing times Nate and I have experienced together were the tough ones. The ones where God was growing us and stretching us and teaching us to trust Him… together. A marriage submitted to God is a beautiful thing. Not always a walk in the park… but four-wheeling through rough terrain is more fun anyway. =^) Congrats on 20. We’ll be there, too, before we know it!

  8. We are blessed at New Life with leaders who earnestly seek God. Thanks for being such a leader. i pray God continues His marvelous work in and through all of us. Blessings

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