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Church talks are too safe and too sterile many times. I think pastors and leaders should regularly talk about the awkward topics that are mentioned in the Bible like money and sex.  For the most part, church leaders have avoided these matters and consequently, the two issues that wreck most marriages and most families are sexual issues and financial issues.

I announced this weekend that I would be tackling both topics in the next several weeks as a part of my new sermon series on Proverbs and even cautioned parents that the talk at New Life on Sunday, June 28th would be rated PG-13.  The topic I will tackle on the 28th is one that many parents have yet to discuss with their young children, so I wanted them to know before they came that Sunday morning.

PG-13 does not mean that I will use crude language to communicate the Gospel or that I will use inappropriate illustrations or anecdotes during a Sunday talk. The rating is based on the subject matter. Scripture does not avoid the delicate topics of sexuality and money and neither should we as church leaders. The challenge is to discuss these issues in a public forum like Sunday morning without offending people with language or illustrations that could be viewed as salacious.

I will do my best to avoid the unnecessary clutter of carnality, but I am also determined to speak the truth of Scripture so that all of us can begin living free lives and enjoy all that God created for us, including blessed finances and healthy sexuality.

I don’t think every Sunday should be rated PG-13, but I am ready to talk about the issues we are all facing in our journey to live like Jesus in a world that looks less and less like Him. Money and sex will be discussed at New Life without apologies and with great grace for the listener.  Awkward moments can be learning moments if we have the courage and maturity to listen, discuss and change where needed.


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  1. Pastor Brady,

    I’d like to thank you for making church a place of worship and learning.

    I think you last sentence hits the nail on the head. If we are willing to confront the awkward and unpleasant things head on, we can overcome them. On the other side of the coin, I think that people want to avoid these things and hope the problem will resolve itself or just plain put it off until tomorrow. This probably isn’t the same but I am a smoker and have been trying to quit for some time. It’s been “this is my last pack” for years. Or I can quit tomorrow. Just avoid it, it will be okay, right?

    We have the power to change but we just keep on driving in to the dark.

    Gary Clausen

  2. Good. Our church here in California (Church For Life) is amazing at things of this nature. Our pastor teaches truth and is to the point about these issues. Because of that, we have a flourishing church body… not perfect, but growing and maturing in all areas… including money and sex. =^)

    We’re moving to the Springs in July and have known for a few months that God is calling us to be a part of New Life. Reading this post and your unapologetic and grace-filled approach to the truth makes me excited that we’ll be part of such a church body. I’ll be at your worship conference this next week and am looking forward to absorbing all I can at that.

    Thanks for not backing down on foundational truth issues. Glad God is leading us in your direction!

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